Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Real Housewives of Orange County

"The Real Housewives of Orange County" is a show on the telly, on the Slice program.
The people it is about are:
  • women
  • tanned
  • plastic boobed
  • plastic nosed
  • plastic mouthed
  • plastic foreheaded
  • plastic bellied
  • plastic-need-i-say-more?

Now, I've only watched one episode, but I'm sure this is what they are like 24/7. They are mean, cruel, 100% like teenage girls. Bitches, basically. Only they are all about 45 years old. Their hair is bleached blonde, and their skin is probably ten layers thicker than the average human's skin, thanks to all the tanning salons and creams they've no doubt rubbed on. The typical americain woman, right? My ass.

On this particualr episode, one of these so-called ladies, is holding an "etiquette party". She's invited all her favourite barbies, and is planning on impressing them all with her good manners.

One of these guests, is going through a time in her life that is very difficult for her. Her husband is undergoing cancer treatments, and she hasn't been out in months. So, on this wonderful night, she has decided to let herself have fun. So she goes to this party, and starts drinking. Almost immediately, the host decided that this party girl, let's call her Gretchen, needs to "get wasted". Nice, eh?

She tells a few of her friends about this newfound brilliant idea, and they all start pressing drinks on Gretchen, hoping that she'll do something stupid. Gretchen happily accepts these tequila shots, etc, and does get drunk. Really drunk.

In the end, Gretchen dances around the pool, gets people to slap her butt, fondles herself several times, and the host's TWENTY-TWO year old son takes advantage of her. TWENTY-TWO YEARS OLD!!

Now I'm not saying they should stop airing the show, or that these "housewives" should change their behaviour, but they should at least CHANGE the time it's on to sometime LATER in the evening, when minors like ME will not end up watching this NASTY stuff.

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