Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Once again, I am stuck at home. On Sunday, while I was still at camp (more about camp later.), I started feeling like I was coming down with a cold. By that evening, when I was at home, it was considerably worse. So here I was, lying on the couch, attempting to study for a huge history test that I was supposed to take the next day.

I couldn't concentrate on what Isaac Brock, Laura Secord, or Tecumseh was saying. After a while, I realized that even trying to study was useless. So, of course, I started freaking out, crying to my mom, "I'm gonna fail! I hardly know anything!! What am I going to do?!"

Of course, mothers always have the answer, so my mom said, "I'll keep you home tomorrow."
So I stayed home yesterday, mostly studying, trying to absorb as much as I could. My mid-day, I was feeling quite a bit better.

I was eating a bagel with cheese, and suddenly I had a strange feeling in my belly. So I stopped eating it, and I went to lie on the couch. In about a minute, a crazy, sharp-burning-knives stabbng me in the stomach feeling came on in my belly. It lasted for about 30 seconds, but a couple minutes later, it came on again.

Holy mother of pearl, it hurt. I was literally screaming in pain. I got up to see ifthat wouldhelp. Changing positions, you know, see if i was pushing some undiscovered organ or bone into my bowels.

Well, it didn't really help at all. I decided to go upstairs to the bathroom, and let's just say, about, oh, ten minutes later, I had burning-butt syndrome.

So today I am at home again, just in case I have some type of flu. Although I do feel alright, apart from the occasional lurch in my stomach. And I'm actually hungry!!

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  1. Yeah, sure you're sick.

    She was screaming in pain, actually, but I ignored her. I was having a leisurely shower and heard the screams, but assumed she was just trying to kill her brother again.